Anxious what to do in the Computer Lab this year? Don’t be. There’s a lot of ideas out there to spruce up your lab to make it more attractive to students and conducive to learning. As a Computer lab teacher, what I do is visit teacher stores and look for bulletin board sets available. I use this as springboard to make up a theme for the year. What’s neat is, the set comes with captions that you can customize for technology learning. For example, I’m using a rainforest/jungle theme and my main caption is “We’re Wild About _______ – simply plug in the word computer or technology.

Bulletin board sets are nifty idea helpers but how you are going to set it up all depends on your creativity and the size of the lab you’re decorating. In my case these are information I put on my bulletin boards:

  • Main bulletin board theme caption
  • Computer Word Wall
  • Keyboarding wall
  • Lab rules
  • What to learn – software/apps
  • Teacher announcement board
  • Exemplary work display board
  • Bunch of posters relevant to technology – parts of computer, internet safety etc.

If you are looking for free technology posters to add in your room you can visit website and print and laminate posters – all for free.

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